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Center for Bio-Ethical Reform brings graphic pictures to University of Kentucky campus

Center for Bio-Ethical Reform Brings Pictures to Campus

The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform set up graphic billboards in front of White Hall at the University of Kentucky this afternoon, in an effort to raise awareness and support of its view of the highly debated issue of abortion.

More than 10 billboards have been erected, containing graphic images of dead fetuses, abused children, Holocaust victims, and Nazi symbols.  Slogans appearing alongside the pictures include:

This moral wrong should never be a Constitutional Right.

Genocide victims are denied rights of personhood.

Killing a baby…is a bad choice.

We oppose violence! Against babies and against the abortionists that kill babies.

Cambodian killing fields…American killing fields.

Meredith Eugen Hunt, on-site manager, said the purpose was to, “Try to illustrate that abortion is violence as well as killing.”  Hunt, who has worked with the CBR for seven years, is also a 20 year anti-abortion activist.  He produces a news letter for the CBR and hosts a related blog at lifeadvocates.blogspot.com.

“We should treat children in the womb no different from people in society.  We should give them the same rights,” Hunt said.  The standards for the fetus should be the same moral and ethical standards that exist for everyone else, Hunt explained.  “We approach the issue from a philosophical, rational and scientific perspective.” Continue reading