Rain Garden Photography Exhibit

A collaborative photography exhibit opens today at the Living Arts and Science Center. The exhibit, entitled In My Neighborhood, is the work of local photographers Angela Baldridge, Thad Salmon and Shannon Greer.

In May 2011 a grant supplied by the LFUCG Environmental Water Quality initiative gave the Living Arts and Science Center the opportunity to host Rain Garden and Rain Barrel workshops to the residents of the East End neighborhood of Lexington.

These educational workshops presented the opportunity for residents to learn about the importance of preserving rain and water through the instillation of 24 rain gardens and barrels into the East End neighborhood.

Image courtesy of Friendly Landscaping

Rain barrels collect precious run off when it rains that can be used later for water plants and gardens. Without rain barrels the rain run-off, that often time contains beneficial minerals, would flow off roofs and into storm drains. Rain barrels reduce water pollution by preventing water from collecting sediment, oil, bacteria and grease.

The photos taken by Baldridge, Salmon and Greer captured these workshops improving residents’ lives and the well being of their community. The In My Neighborhood exhibit can be viewed until December 30.

The Living Arts and Science Center is located at 362 N. Martin Luther King Boulevard and is open from Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

More information can be found on the LASC website


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