TechFed: Top 10 best and worst UK Facebook accounts

In response to the notable success of the first real TechFed post, I give you its sequel.

As I said in my previous post, UK has strongly encouraged social activity among their departments and organizations.

And they have, in large part, been receptive. Especially on Facebook.

While Twitter may play host to 47 different official UK groups, Facebook has 72 of them.

And the statistics on Facebook are impressive compared to those of Twitter.

Accounting for all the official UK Facebook groups listed on the UK Social Media home page, which don’t include student groups like DanceBlue, UK has racked up more than 860,000 likes.

Of course, most of these likes come from UK Athletics (with more than half a million on its own) and the university’s main account, but even so, the smaller groups seem to be more successful than on Twitter.

If you want to see all the statistics on every Facebook group, you can download my Excel spreadsheet.

(The following statistics were gathered Feb. 1, 2012 at 1 p.m. The numbers may not be exactly accurate now, but do give a good approximation)

Most “liked” UK organizations on Facebook:

1. UK Athletics – 545,245

2. University of Kentucky – 272, 811

3. UK Alumni Association – 11,856

4. Kentucky Children’s Hospital – 4,335

5. UK Markey Cancer Center – 2,332

6. K-Week – 1,997

7. UK Healthcare – 1,541

8. University of Kentucky Police Dept. – 1,402

9. UK Undergraduate Housing – 1,232

10. UK College of Pharmacy – 1,229

Least “liked” UK organizations with a Facebook page:

1. Discovery Seminar Program – 19

2. Chellgren Fellows – 20

3. UK memorial page – 24

3. UK Advocacy Network – 24

4. UK Undergraduate research – 29

5. UK Plus account – 38

6. UK Medical Physics Graduate Program – 42

7. UK MBA Programs – 61

8. UK program for Bioethics – 64

9. UK Commercialization and Economic Development – 65

10. Grad Center of Nutritional Sciences – 75

And as a bonus, I’m throwing in an extra little statistical treat. Here’s the rundown of the least active Facebook pages. The stats are surprisingly sad.

Least active Facebook pages:

1. UK School of Music – Nov. 15, 2010

2. UK Family Center – Feb. 17, 2011

3. Grad Center of Nutritional Sciences – Aug. 30, 2011

4. UK Memorial Page – Sept. 8, 2011

5. UK program for bioethics – Nov. 14, 2011

6. UK Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program – Dec. 2, 2011

7. Discovery Seminar Program – Dec. 6, 2011


3 thoughts on “TechFed: Top 10 best and worst UK Facebook accounts

  1. Hey DBFan,

    I only included the accounts which were listed on the UK Social Media home page. For some reason, they don’t include student organizations (otherwise, several would be included). I think that’s a bad policy. However, this was the best way to represent “official” UK accounts.

    But you’re right, I’ll make a separate Top 10 list just for student organizations. Thanks for the idea!

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