TechFed: Kentuckians for the Commonwealth get social savvy for “I Love Mountains” event

Kentuckians for the Commonwealth are busting out some serious social media integration for their “I Love Mountains” event tomorrow.

The annual event takes place on February 14, and protests Mountain Top Removal, a type of coal mining. The grassroots organization will be focusing on ending MTR in Kentucky, and encouraging state and federal officials to invest in clean energy and look “towards a clean energy future, safe jobs and healthy communities,”

Erik Hungerbuhler, the web and electronic organizing manager for KFTC, said the group plans to use a number of different networks to cover the event, including Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Ustream and Flickr.

The group plans to use #lovemountains as the official hashtag of the day-long event. Hungerbuhler said a Twitter stream will be set up on their blog to follow the stream of tweets from participants.

logo for Kentuckians for the Commonwealth
Logo for the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth. Courtesy of KFTC Vimeo channel

A live stream will be running continuously through the groups Ustream account, and will be embedded into their blog.

All the while, the group plans to be posting Facebook updates and uploading photos from the event to their Facebook and Flickr accounts.

After the event, Hungerbuhler said KFTC will post a 3-5 minute video of the rally to their Vimeo channel, and a healthy number of blog posts about the event will follow.

Click here for a schedule of events.

What I’m doing:

Be sure to follow TechFed tomorrow for another Storify of the “I Love Mountains” event, collecting all the best social media tweets, posts, photos and videos all in one place. The Storify will run continuously throughout tomorrow and the next day.

I am also working on a more in-depth piece on local social movements – like Kentuckians for the Commonwealth – and their use of social media. Be sure to look out for that in the coming days.


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