TechFed: A visual history of UK’s home page

The first version of UK's website found on Screenshot courtesy of

TechFed BlogThe modern UK website we know hasn’t been around forever.

In fact, the site has taken on a lot of different forms. Sometimes, the university’s site is aesthetically appealing for its time. Other times, their internet hub seems almost forgotten.

This may be a lesson to all those non-believers, but the internet truly never forgets. The website has made it its mission to document websites over time, with web crawlers taking screenshots of websites in different moments in time.

So for today’s edition of TechFed, I have assembled a timeline that is a rough chronological history of UK’s website.

To see the timeline, including links, quick facts and photos, click the link below:

Note:  One of the best features of the waybackmachine is that the websites still work! Click the links included with each description, and explore the old version of each site. Hope you have some time to kill.


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