Sexy and Safe Spring Break Event Today at UK

By: Eric Kapp

Spring Break is almost like a right of passage for students in college.  They are known to “get out of control” at times, but there are ways that students can have fun but still be safe.  The Office of Substance Education and Responsibility (Student Wellness Ambassadors) & UHS Sexperts is hosting an event called “Sexy and Safe Spring Break.”

The event will be held today, Tuesday, March 6 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM in the Student Center (Starbucks area).  Rachel Carnahan is the Assistant Director, Office of Substance Education & Responsibility Dean of Students Office, and explained what the event is about.

“This event is to educate and spread awareness about risky behavior and dangers that occur during Spring Break. The event is in no way, shape or form, an event to promote abstinence from alcohol on spring break, (but of course that is the best way to ensure safety) this event is to promote awareness and responsibility. We cover topics like safe sex, alcohol poisoning, date rape drugs, mixing alcohol with other substances, travel safety, knowing your limits, etc.”

Rachel said students should come to this event because, “We are trying to equip our students with useful information to ensure their spring break is a blast but that it most importantly is safe for everyone. Students who go to this event can take home a Spring Break travel kit (chap stick, sunblock, condoms, date rape drug information, and alcohol poisoning cards). Students who attend and participate in some of the activities we will have going on Wednesday will be entered into a chance to win some great prizes ($100 salon gift cards, restaurant gift cards, sweatshirts, sunglasses, etc.). There will also be a booth for students to see the sun damage on their faces. This is to help promote sunscreen and increase awareness of skin cancer.”

If you want more information on the event you can email Rachel at


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