Spread the Word to End the ‘R-Word’!

By Eric Kapp

Today is national “R-Word” Day.Best Buddies is a group on campus that will be putting on the campaign here at the University of Kentucky.  Best Buddies are outside of Whitehall Classroom Building today trying to get people to pledge to stop using the R-Word. The “R-Word” is “retarded,” a term that some people often use casually, unaware of the way it has become a hurtful slur.

Kristen Worthington’s major is special education: moderate to severe disabilities, and she is working with Best Buddies today for the event. Worthington said  students should get involved because, “Being such a large university, the students pledging can really make a difference in the Lexington community and in their home communities.”

Kristen said, “The R-Word is very hurtful and not many people understand the severity of the word and what it can mean to someone.”

You can sign up to pledge with many others today outside of the Classroom Building and you can be a part of something special!

You can follow the R-word campaign @EndtheWord.  Also, for more information you can go to http://www.r-word.org/


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