UK Offers Winter Break Opportunity

It may sound like a “first world problem” but sometimes the long awaited winter break can turn into a restless month spent with the family.

Luckily the University of Kentucky has created the perfect “break” from your winter vacation if you’re a student that suffers from too much time spent at home.

UK’s Center or Community Outreach Alternative Service Breaks program has announced that for fall 2012 winter break students can choose to travel to Jinotega, Nicaragua.

While it may seem like an exciting adventure, the goal of the trip is based around a service program called Outreach360.

The vision of Outreach360 as stated on their website is “a transformed world in which every child is able to pursue a college degree or to be gainfully employed upon reaching adulthood, enabling them to live a life of choice.”

More of their mission statement may be found at

The winter break may serve as your escape from the family, snow, annoying in-laws, etc. But it also serves a purpose through education and volunteering.

Before the trip students will meet with volunteer groups, discuss the issues in the area and what the trip will mean to them.

So if your winter break is going to consist of Jersey Shore reruns and nights pretending “Santa” ate all the cookies, it may be a trip worth looking into.

The trip is for Dec. 15 through 22, and the deadline to apply is Friday, Oct. 19.

Applications for the trip can be found online at or in the Center for Student Involvement (CSI located in the student center). A $75 deposit is due at time of application.


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