Phase II of housing and impact on campus

Click above photo from a webcam placed on William T. Young Library from EdR to see real time photos of construction.

This past weekend the Board of Trustees Phase II of the housing plan, allowing five new residence halls to be built on several locations across campus.

The plan will be able to have 2,900 beds under construction at one point, with the current construction of the new central campus residence hall scheduled to open in August 2013, and the other buildings to open for fall 2014.

“With the board’s approval following its retreat this weekend, more than 2,900 beds will soon be under construction at one time – perhaps the largest and quickest expansion of housing at any time in the institution’s history,” said the news release

Students, however, will begin to feel the effects of the new construction that will begin in November, starting Monday, Oct. 22. Demolition of Wildcat Lodge and two Cooperstown buildings will begin in November. Haggin Hall, along with K Lair will be demolished in May, after the end of the spring semester.

“A portion of this phase of the housing project will be located on north campus north of Avenue of Champions between Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard and Lexington Avenue, on what is now the E/R1 (Blazer) parking lot,” said a news release.

Students parking in the E/R1 lots, in front of the former residence hall

new dorm in the
Blazer perspective of the new proposed residence hall on North Campus with Phase II of the housing plan.

of the men’s basketball team, Wildcat Lodge, will have to start parking elsewhere on campus. Most students will have to start parking on the complete other side of campus, in K Lot, that is located at Commonwealth Stadium.

Blue represents the location of the new proposed halls, while the red shows where those in the topmost blue lot must begin parking as of Monday.

Currently the New Central Residence Hall is being built on the site of Haggin Field.


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