Kentucky’s Wildcat Gets A Name

A new Wildcat sculpture was installed on the Wildcat Alumni Plaza across from Memorial Colosseum on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 in Lexington, Ky. Photo by Laura Strange | Staff HERALD LEADER

The Wildcat sculpture in front of Memorial Coliseum has finally be given a name.  Students voted campus-wide to come up with a name of history and prestige.

The Wildcat’s new name is Bowman, named after John Bowman.  John Bowman was the visionary who decided to build a public university in Lexington.  Even when Bowman was denied in Frankfort by both the legislature and the governor he stayed strong to his idea.  Because of Bowman’s persistence we are all able to attend the University of Kentucky and enjoy its rich tradition and history.

“Bowman, the Wildcat sculpture, stands for the pride students, alumni and employees share and serves as a friendly ambassador to campus visitors,” said Leslie Hayes, Alumni Association program coordinator, who spearheaded the effort to find Bowman a name. “Not too many years from now, Bowman will be a sentimental connection today’s students will share as alumni.”

Just like many other sculptures or statues comes the traditions such as, patting Bowman’s head or rubbing his nose and stroking his paws.  One can only assume students are doing this for good luck purposes.


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