Decision 2012: A Tie?

By: Candice Cruz

It’s anybody’s race…

This presidential campaign trail has ended in one of the closest races we have seen in years.  With people rushing to the polls tomorrow, only time and numbers will tell who will serve us over the next few years on Pennsylvania Ave.

But how close is close? According to the Los Angeles Times, citing, there are 32 permutations of the 11 “battleground” states that have the outcome of a direct tie: 269.

The number necessary to win the White House is 270.  And with the number stance constantly changing, there is truly no clear-cut winner prediction. But with the realistic and ever looming possibility of a tie many may wonder what would happen if the numbers both stop at 269.

There hasn’t been this controversial decision since the Bush-Gore fiasco of 2000, yet it will still ultimately the decision of the Electoral College. However, in the case of this tie outcome the decision will be left up to another group.  Congress.

Published on YouTube by Bloomberg Law, this particular video shows the step-by-step process of how Congress will have the ultimate say.

Traditionally, and according to our Constitution, the protocol for this particular situation is that the House will elect the President and the Senate would elect the Vice President.

That’s right! We could have a mixed office of Romney-Biden or Obama-Ryan. Of course this is all hypothetical, yet logistically possible. Probable? Probably not…

ABC  had a detailed article a few weeks ago that outlined some of the possibilities of the 32 permutations.

However, with all of the turn of events we have had this election with Superstorm Sandy, intense debates and a neck-and-neck race, this outcome would simply be the icing on the cake.

This big of a decision hasn’t happened since 1824. And it could happen again. 2012 has been the year of historical occurrences, so what is one more, right?

Decision 2012 is a tremendous decision that needs every American’s attention. Regardless of your political affiliation. Every vote makes a difference, especially when it’s anyone’s race.


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