Which Side of the Fence: Christian Voters

Heading into the 2012 election, Christian voters in particular have been deciding the most important moral issues and what side they should take on them. Social network sites are flooded with opinions and “how to” lists for the approach Christian voters should take in this election.

Three Lexington local Christian leaders: Daniel Berry, University of Kentucky Baptist Campus Ministry campus minster, Derek King, University of Kentucky Christian Student Fellowship associate campus minister and Lexington Christian poet Dewayne Smithers all agree on what they feel is the number one pressing issue. That is, abortion.To these Christian leaders, issues that would fall second in line include fiscal issues, helping the poor and gay marriage.

“I’m supposed to teach what the Bible says and I hope that they vote based on that”

A big question in the Christian community is: how should a Christian vote? Should a Christian vote for a candidate simply because of the candidate’s religious affiliation? Berry said that a candidate’s religious affiliation should not really matter if they are not basing their decisions on the principles of their religion.

“You have to address the issues,” Berry said. “You have to listen to the candidates and then you have to cast your vote.” Similarly, Smithers said he encourages people to really find out what a candidate stands for, no matter their religion, before making a decision.

“I always tell people, ‘don’t take my word for it’” Smithers said, “do your research.” King said that he votes his convictions. “They (Christians) should vote for the convictions that they hold and how that (their convictions) actually falls into their faith,” King said.

Berry also said that he believes Christian voters should not discuss who they are voting for with others. “As a Christian leader, I’m supposed to teach what the Bible says and I hope that they vote based on that,” Berry said.

When it comes to the young vote, those ages 18-30, both Smithers and King said that they think Obama will win with that crowd. “I think the young vote is going towards Obama because he appeals more to a younger crowd,” Smithers said.

The following pie charts illustrates where non-religious high school and college aged youth stand when it comes to pro-life and pro-choice according to a Gallup Poll from May 2012.


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