UK sports teams plan around Thanksgiving break games

With seasons still in full swing, some UK teams aren’t getting much of a Thanksgiving break, if at all.

The football team is preparing for its last regular season game Saturday against Tennessee.

Players not on the travel team were dismissed Thursday morning for the rest of the season. Those making the trip to play the Volunteers had to report back by Friday by 1:30 p.m.

The short turnaround makes going home nearly impossible for those who live outside the local area. So the team will group up and eat together, some with players (such as offensive lineman Zach West, a Lexington native) and some with their position coaches.

“We’ll give them time to relax (Thursday) afternoon and then Friday morning,” said head coach Joker Phillips, who is hosting some players as well.

For the basketball team, it’s an ever shorter turnaround. With games on Wednesday and Friday night in Rupp Arena, the team will stay in Lexington.

Head coach John Calipari said he would host a team dinner and take the team out to see “Lincoln” together on Thursday night.

“It’s going to be tough. Every Thanksgiving I spend time with my family,” freshman Alex Poythress said. “It’s going to be my first Thanksgiving without someone from my family, but my mom and my sister are coming down Friday, so I can eat some food Friday.”

Here’s video of Calipari discussing the Cats’ Thanksgiving break plans:

Basketball and football aren’t the only teams with tight Thanksgiving schedules. Here’s the full UK athletics schedule for the holiday break:


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