Powerball jackpot $425M; odds extreme to win

Powerball logo courtesy of powerball.com

The Powerball, a lottery drawing game played in states across the country, as hit a record high jackpot, at $425 million.

After no one hit the all five numbers plus the Powerball on Saturday’s drawing, the prize climbed to $425 million ahead of this Wednesday’s drawing. Students, staff and everyone else is scrambling to get their ticket that make hold the key to riches.

A University of Kentucky student, Brandon Colley, is getting his ticket with his co-workers. Colley, an RA, is going in with around four or five other of his RAs and going to split it if their ticket hits.

One of my coworkers suggested that we do a pot and a family member mentioned doing the same thing,” Colley said.

If he won, Colley and his co-workers would have to split $278.3 million if they took the cash option, a one time lump sum after the government and the lottery get their portion of the winnings. They would split the money, so Colley would receive about $55.66 million.

The odds that Colley and his co-workers win are 1 in 1:175,223,510 chance at matching all six numbers exactly. Powerball allows for players to choose five numbers from a pool of numbers ranging from one to 59. They then can pick the Powerball number from a pool of numbers from one to 35.

With the astronomical odds in winning the lottery, players are more likely for many other wild events to happen to them. (Courtsey of wlky.com)

  • Becoming U.S. President–1 in 10 million odds
  • Getting struck by lightning–1 in 1 million odds
  • Dying in an on-the-job accident–1 in 48,000 odds
  • Dying in a bathtub–1 in 840,000 odds
  • Dying from a bee, hornet or wasp sting–1 in 6.1 million
  • Dying from an asteroid apocalypse–1 in 12,500 odds
  • Dying from a flesh eating virus–1 in 1 million odds
  • Dying from a plane crash–1 in 1 million odds
  • Becoming a movie star–1 in 1,505,000 odds

So be prepared to get struck by lightning then die from an asteroid impact before you actually win, but you have to play to win!
Update:  Today Powerball announced that the prize for the Wednesday drawing will be $500 million dollars, that’s half a billion dollars. Those taking the cash option will get one lump sum of $327 million dollars.


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