Players response on the hiring of Mark Stoops

UK Athletics sent a press release yesterday with quotes from UK football players on the hiring of new head coach Mark Stoops. Here are some quotes included in the release:

  • Sophomore quarterback, Maxwell Smith on how he found out about Stoops hire: “Well, I saw a lot on Twitter and they said he was the coach and then I got a text from Nolan (Jones, director of operations) that it was official and that is when I knew for sure.”
  • QB Smith on Stoops coaching style: “I watched a lot of Pac-12 football being from California, so I know a lot about that defense. I have watched a lot of football in general, so I know a lot about his defense. I know his brothers some and I was recruited by his brother (Mike) some at Arizona and got to meet his brother there.”
  • UK football DT Sophomore, Mike Douglas said, “I felt really great about it and I know he is known for his defense and he turned Florida State’s defense around. I am really excited.”
  • Landon Foster, Fr., P: “Defensively minded guys really enjoy punting, obviously, because of field position. In high school, my defensive coordinator loved me and he would always take pride in telling me where he wanted the punts to go, which side of the field he wanted me to punt to.”
  • Khalid Henderson, Fr., LB: “I know about the Stoops family overall and some of the similar coaching styles. Based upon the defense he ran at other places it is a very exciting defense and they fly around a lot.”


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