UK Miss Black & Gold Pageant

The University of Kentucky chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated hosted their annual Miss Black & Gold Pageant tonight.

The purpose of the pageant is to showcase beauty, elegance, intelligence and talent of women at UK. The woman crowned as Miss Black & Gold is called and encouraged to take on campus and community leadership roles.

This year’s pageant took place in Memorial Hall and featured six contestants battling to win the gold crown. The contestants ranged from freshmen to seniors.

The event’s master and mistress of ceremony was UK Alpha Phi Alpha vice president, Cameron Tucker and former 2011 Miss Black & Gold winner, Morgan Bryant.

Moments before the 2012 winner was announced, Bryant said she was excited to pass on the torch.

“It is definitely bitter sweet,” Bryant said, “I’ve loved being Miss Black & Gold and getting to know the Alphas.”

Bryant said that while holding the title, she learned more about confidence, believing in herself and believing in the the things she wants to achieve from the Alpha members.

The pageant began with a choreographed introductory dance with the contestants and members of Alpha Phi Alpha. Various portions of the pageant included a question and answer segment, talent segment, bathing suit modeling and formal wear modeling.

Half of the constants choose dancing as their talent act. The dance acts consisted of a Latin ballroom style dance, a hip hop dance, and a combination style dance routine-one being from a scene of the movie Mean Girls. The other acts were a song, a poem and the playing of the violin.

UK Alpha Phi Alpha secretary, Matthew McClendon, said that the contestants worked hard in preparation for the pageant.

“Practice was two days a week for two months,” McClendon said. “They were very dedicated and made sacrifices with their social life or studying.”

The lady to take the crown as the new Miss Black & Gold was freshman Chandler Hayden. Hayden’s hometown is Virginia Beach, Virginia and she is studying human nutrition.

2012 Black & Gold Winner Chandler Hayden, with members of UK Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated

I’m really excited to hold this title,” Hayden said. “I’m looking forward to using my title within the community to mentor other young women.”

The pageant closed with the members of Alpha Phi Alpha singing around and congratulating the new Miss Black & Gold.


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