Wildcat Ways to Spend Lottery Money

Lottery Winning Numbers
copyright foxnewsinsider.com

Wednesday night the winning numbers of the jackpot of $587.5 million were announced. Those numbers were 5,16,22,23,29, and the Powerball of 6. Two winners have been reported coming from Missouri and Arizona. Although the winners have not came to collect their winnings. But the real question is what could you buy with all that money?

Just to put it into a Kentucky perspective on what one could buy with the jackpot money without federal and state taxes taken out…

One could buy about 73 new Wildcat lodges.

Wildcat Lodge
copyright sports.yahoo.com

Or could pay for about 58,750 in-state UK tuition per year for undergrads or 29, 375 out-of-state undergrads per year.

If none of those options sound good the winner could pay for Kentucky basketball coach John Calipari’s initial salary of $5.2 million for about 113 years.

Or could pay for all the Kentucky resident hall renovations 20 times.


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