The Bright Blue Building Behind Two Keys: Oneness Premium’s New Location

A building behind Two Keys Tavern has just been dressed with a coat of Wildcat blue paint and is on its way to welcoming a new tenant from the neighborhood.

431 Jersey Street is the address of the building next to Slice of Chicago Pizza and will soon be the new home of Oneness Premium Boutique, currently located next to Sav’s Chill ice cream at the corner of S. Limestone Street and Maxwell Street.

Oneness is a street wear boutique that is especially known for its unique selection of Nike, Air Jordan and Adidas shoes.

Oneness Premium Boutique

After being in business for more than five years, Oneness owner, Joe Staley, said he is ready to move the store into a bigger, more customer-appealing space.

“It’s going to be pretty crazy,” Staley said.

The new location has been renovated with everything from all-new floors and new lighting to ten new windows and a large check-out counter.

“From the ground up, we’ve done everything,” Staley said.

The two-story building will have creative space and office space upstairs with its storefront occupying the downstairs. Also included in the floor plan upstairs is a full bathroom and kitchenette.

Also inside is a built-in stoop that is to resemble Oneness’ trademark stoop right outside of the boutique’s current location.

Staley said that with the new location, customer service and presentation is of the utmost importance.

New Location of Oneness Boutique

“It’s something we’ve been working on for a long time,” Staley said. “We still have about another two months or less.”

Oneness’ new location is a building that Staley’s family has owned for over 30 years. Originally used as an icehouse, Staley’s grandfather later occupied the building for his oil company and most recently the family has used it for storage.

Staley got started with his business by buying and collecting sneakers with his friends as a kid.

“After so long,” Staley said, “I never wanted to stop doing it.”

While Oneness is going to continue selling shoes, hats, clothing, jackets, bags, accessories and its other products, the new space will afford the boutique the opportunity to be multidimensional.

“It’ll be an art gallery, slash shoe store, slash event place,” Staley said.

The new space will have a DJ booth for events, and Staley plans to partner with organizations like the Lexington Art League to invite more artistic ventures as a part of the boutique. Staley said that Oneness can reach the wide demographic of UK students.

“Kids are used to having nice boutiques in their home cities,” Staley said. “Oneness is able to cater to the students and bring them what they’re used to seeing in their big home cities.”

Staley also said that the location of Oneness is ideal for students who spend a lot of time on campus.

“They don’t have to travel to the mall,” Staley said. “They can get tennis shoes right on campus.”

UK business management junior, Brad Tapia, shared these sentiments exactly.

“It would save me a trip to the mall,” Tapia said. “It’s (Lexington) is in need of a place closer to campus.”

While the official opening of the new location has not yet been decided, Staley said it will most likely be in December or January.

“The Stoop” in Front of Current Oneness Location

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