5 Best Things About The Game Of Thrones Premier


The King Beyond The Wall Is Revealed

After being captured by the Wildings, Jon Snow is being sent to the King Beyond the Wall, Mance Ryder. Ryder has been hinted at for the past two season’s but it wasn’t until the premier for him to debut. Ryder should play a  more important role in season 3, with Snow leaving the Night’s Watch.


Davos Seaworth Is Alive.


He has clearly seen better days.

After the battle of BlackwaterBay, Seaworth was shown being flung off his boat. Somehow he lived through the wildfire attack from the Lannisters. Seaworth appears to be missing some fingers likely from the battle. Stannis is even more under the finger of the Women in Red. He has been burning alive men who disagreed with him. As Stannis’s right hand man, he tries to reason with the king. However his hatred toward the women in red seems to have reached a boiling point.  This should be an interesting relationship throughout the season.




click to see gif version

In season 2 the dragons were basically as scary as having a pet gecko. However in season 3 the dragons have grown remarkable fast and seem to be almost ready to fight. They now fly and catch food and even cook food on their own. It is exciting to see how terrifying they will be by the end of the season.


The Lannisters Are Imploding


I’m glad he isn’t my dad. Every since Tywin came to reclaim his title of Hand to the King, and defend the city, the Lannisters haven’t been the same. The typically quick-witted Tyrion seems to be scrambling to get any sort of power back It could have something to do with his father saying Tyrion would never be the rightful ruler of Castlely Rock.  Perhaps the feud with his sister is causing hims stress, because that rivalry continues to brew.  The prized son Jaime is no where to be found in this episode. Even  Joffrey doesn’t seem like his usually self. Perhaps the Lannisters may not be the powerful family any more.

Daenerys Targaryen Seems To Have A New Best Friend.

Daenerys is still trying to build an army to take back the iron throne.  In the town of Astapor she finds the feared Unsullied, rumored to be some of the strongest soldiers around (strong enough to lose a nipple without flinching). But  while in Astapor, a small girl attempts to kill with Daenerys with what appears to be a poisonous bug. Luckily for her a cloaked man saves her. It turns out to be the famed warrior, and ex captain of the Kings Guard, Barristan Selmy. Selmy swears an oath to Daenerys saying she is the true heir to the Iron Throne. Could this lead to a rivalry between Selmy and Jorah?



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