Vinyls Now Part of Amazon’s AutoRip


Are you one of those crazed music fanatics that appreciates the beauty of embracing your vinyl in your grip as you longingly gaze over the cover artwork? Or are you one of those hip and modern music lovers, constantly relishing in the convenience of a portable music library that fits inside your pocket? Well, thanks to Amazon, you can now take pleasure in having both a hard and digital copy of all your favorites from Bob Dylan to Bon Iver. Amazon announced its “liberating new way”  to enjoy vinyls purchased on Amazon. Here’s how it works…When you purchase a CD on the website, it instantly gives you the MP3 version to play in your sound player. Basically that means you have zero wait time to listen to your recently purchased tunes-plus an instant digital copy. And if you’ve purchased albums on Amazon since 1998, they are eligible for digital copies as well. Now you can have your cake and eat it too with Amazon’s AutoRip.


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