Arrested Development’s Fourth Season Will Debut on May 26th as a Netflix Original Series

arrested develop

The mythical fourth season of Arrested Development has finally been confirmed, and it isn’t some cruel late April Fools joke.. Netflix announced today the entire fourth season will be available to stream on May 26 at 12 A.M. Pacific time, or 3 A.M. on the east coast.  The fourth season will consist of 15 episodes focusing on individual characters. Each of the 9 main characters will get one or two of their own episode. Each of the episodes are all taking place at the same time. Netflix has decided to release the season all at once, as opposed to slowly. The episodes should reflect this different style of television watching.

Arrested Development has gained a cult following since it’s  (premature) cancellation in 2006. Rumors have been spreading about the reunion ever since. Since 2006, different cast members would confirm or deny the a new season or a movie even happening. After the show, actors like Michael Cera became much more famous, so scheduling around the actors careers was a bit of a challenge. It was a fanboy’s nightmare. A seemingly infinite game of will they or won’t they. Ultimately the stars have aligned and after the fourth season a movie will be filmed afterwards. Plot details are scarce, but it is confirmed that the movie will be about the fictional Bluth family filming a movie about themselves. A release date for the movie has not been released.

Recently, Netflix has been creating it’s own original content. Netflix first show was Lilyhammer debuting February 6, 2012. The company plans to release more content as time goes own. Shows like House of Cards, another Netflix original, debuted last February, have given national attention to the quality of Netflix shows. Netflix plans to release three more shows by the end of the year.

arrested 2


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