Margaret Thatcher Killed Both Cher and Teri Hatcher


Well Thatcher didn’t really kill both of these celebrities, twitter would be more responsible then anything. News of a celebrity death always takes over trending topics on twitter, and Thatcher was no different. The trending topics about her had a different outcome then many expected.

Margaret Thatcher was an incredibly divisive world leader. The response to her death was equally as divisive. Her death received both  parties in the streets of Brixton to open mourning in the Falkland Islands. Nicknamed the Iron Lady, Thatcher was the first and only female Prime Minister of  Britain. She is seen as a figurehead to modern conservatism, also as a villain for destroying many of the mining unions in Britain. With this following these too sides were expected with her death. However her death caused a stir for reasons other then about her controversial time in office.

After her death the hasthtag #nowthatcherisdead became a trending topic. It trending world-wide for most of the day. Unfortuanely, this hashtag confused many people. Fans of the pop singer Cher came out in droves after #nowthatcherisdead began trending worldwide feeling  the topic was about Cher. Fans tweeted about how they  believe in life after love, and wishing they could turn back time. The mistake is pretty easily made. Fans read now that cher is dead instead of now thatcher is dead.
Cher isn’t the only celebrity who was mistakenly thought to be dead. Desperate Housewife star, Teri Hatcher also was widely tweeted about today. The same hash tag is responsible for the mix up.  Who knew trending topics could kill?


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