Campus Radio Station Makes Waves with WRFL-Live


Every Wednesday night UK’s campus radio station, WRFL welcomes local musicians to jam out for WRFL-Live. It’s a pretty sweet deal considering bands from Lexington to Louisville take the time to not only play a live hour-long set, but to interact with DJ, Ben Southworth in between songs. Whether listeners are tuning in to support old favorites, or are on the hunt for fresh talent, it’s quite the unique opportunity for music lovers to sample local talent on a weekly basis.

And don’t fret if you miss the show because Wildcat Student Television shoots the performances, uploading them to Vimeo or WRFL-Live’s Facebook page.

“There’s just nothing else like it on campus. I love music and going to shows, but here I get to experience it up close and personal. I get to meet the bands and tell them how good they did. It’s fun and rewarding, said Kenny Harris, Production Director of Wildcat Student Television.

“Dream the Electric Sleep was amazing. Their drummer had this huge drum set and they played really awesome music. It was so loud it shook the clock off the wall. Ben Sollee was Ben Sollee. He gave such a wonderful performance and he was just so well spoken. It was awe-inspiring, Harris said. 

WRFL-Live host, Ben Southworth agreed with Harris. 

“I love getting to meet new musicians each week. Folks from all backgrounds of musical training and all kinds of lifestyles. There’s not many college stations that do what we do, and it’s great to be an avenue for musicians to play for audiences that are new to them. Wednesday nights are sort of a marker for my weeks now,”  said Southworth. 

Happening tonight is Nashville father and son, Tim and Myles Thompson. 

Catch the show live on Wednesday’s at 9 online or at 88.1 FM


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