What I Learned From Watching The New Man Of Steel Trailer

Warner Brothers released the new trailer to Zack Snyder’s (Director of Watchmen and 300) Man of Steel and finally we get some glimpses into the plot of the movie. Snyder so far has released two (great) teasers for the movie, but neither showed much about the actual plot of the movie.  The new trailer though still cryptic gives some insights into the actually plotline of the movies. So here are 5 things I learned from the trailer.

1. Krypton looks like a horrible place to live.

The trailers thus far haven’t really shown Superman’s origins. In this trailer you get to see Superman’s father, Jor-El, played by Russell Crowe, launch his son to Earth before Krypton gets destroyed. These first seven seconds or so look amazing and are all dedicated to see the chaos on Krypton. It appears the planet is destroyed by some sort of war, or giant battle.  Plus listening to Russell Crowe say “He will be a god to them” as they launch Superman to Earth is a highlight of this trailer for me.

2. Lois Lane has been following Superman for a while.

Lois Lane, Superman’s long running love interest, finally gets more then just a second of screen time.  Lane, played by Amy Adams appears to be looking for Superman as he wanders America trying to discover why he is on Earth. Superman appears to have saved peoples lives while he was a kid during a bus crash (.49 seconds), and while he was older on an oil rig (1.29). Also note his sweet beard. She even makes a humorous appearance at the end of the trailer.

3. General Zod seems pretty angry.

Every great superhero movie needs a supervillain.  General Zod looks like he could be that great villain. General Zod like Superman is a Kryptonian, who invaded Earth.  The trailer shows Zod mostly yelling and looking intimidating in his armor. According to a recent video Zod is hunting for Superman on Earth. Zod is played by Michael Shannon (Boardwalk Empire) .

4. Lex Luthor maybe will be in this movie.

Lex Luthor is one of the most iconic supervillains of Superman if not in the whole DC universe.  Luthor is a super wealthy super intelligent business man, who has vowed revenge against Superman since he was a child. So far Snyder and the other writers of Man of Steel have been incredibly hush hush about Luthor’s involvement in this movie, if there is even any involvement. However if you look very closely around 2.18, you can faintly see a sign that reads Lex Corp, Luthor’s business. Could Luthor be a large part of this movie, and not revealed yet? IMDB.com has no one listed as playing Luthor in this movie.

5. The S doesn’t actually mean Superman.
man of steel

One of the last scenes in the trailer shows a captured Superman talking to Lois Lane features some humorous dialogue on Superman’s costume. Lane asked what the S means; Superman explains the S isn’t an English S but a Kryptonian letter for hope.  Before Lane could say (presumably) super an intercom buzzes stopping her mid sentence. It is nice to see a little light hearted side, in an otherwise serious trailer.


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