Bike Week 2013 Gets Bikes On The Road, Social Media


Thursday is the first Bike To Campus day ever at UK. The all day event is a call from the UK Office of Sustainability encouraging all bikers to change their profile pictures on social media sites to the Bike To UK avatar to show their support to all bikers and to spread the word about choosing bicycles as a main mode of transportation.

Bike To UK is a part of a week long program sponsored by the UK Office Of Sustainability – Earthdays in the Bluegrass and Bike Week 2013, preceding Earth Day on Monday, April 22.

Those who change their profile pictures to the avatar on Thursday, and those who don’t, will have a chance to put biking into practice while participating in that last day of Bike Week 2013.  Car-Free Day will take over Bike Week 2013 on Friday, where students can “take a pledge and liberate” from motored vehicles for a day. Students can pledge on the UK Sustainability Facebook page for a chance to win Earthdays in the Bluegrass T-shirts.


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