Twitter Music Launched

Twitter just released its new music discover service simply called Twitter Music. It can be accessed at or from your I-Phone.

Twitter Music streams music through iTunes, Spotify, or Rdio. iTunes is the default player, it plays only 30 second clips. However Spotify and Rdio users can link Twitter Music to their accounts and get full songs.  Users can instantly tweet what they are listening to, buy music through iTunes, and go straight to musicians official twitter pages.

The page is broken down to five different sections, popular, emerging, suggested, now playing, and me. Popular is what music is trending world wide. It uses how much a song is tweeted about to make this section. Emerging is a list of young  up and coming bands. The most interesting is suggested.

The Suggested page uses the artists you follow on twitter to suggest bands to you. It also looks at songs you tweet, or bands your friends like.

#Nowplaying uses the hashtag to look at user’s you follow to see when they tweet #nowplaying. It is a good way to see what music the people you follow listen to.

Lastly the me section shows every artist you follow. This is useful because you can look at your favorite artists and see which bands they follow. Twitter Music can give us more insight into what music our favorite bands, and news websites listen to.

Twitter has plans to release an app for androids in the coming months.  For more information go to


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