Fitness: Leg/Booty Workout

This workout routine focuses on repetition to strengthen and sculpt your lower body muscles rather than heavy weights to grow muscle. So be realistic, but not lazy, with your weights to get through repetitions getting a good sweat but without hurting yourself.

Warm up: 5-8 minutes treadmill/elliptical

Booty/Leg Routine:
Leg Press – 20,15,15,10,10 – you choose the weight
Barbell squats, superset with deadlifts – 20,15,15,10,10 – you choose your weight
Leg curls – 20,15,15,10,10 – choose your weight
Standing calf raises – 20, 15, 15, 10, 10 – dumbbells or bodyweight
Butt lift bridge – 20, 15, 15, 10, 1o – place a dumbbell on lap between hips to increase difficulty

Rest 1 minute between each set. Keep in mind that your first set is 20 reps and it might be more difficult if you keep the same weight you are used to doing with 15 reps or less. Lower your weight if necessary to complete the exercise – more repetitions and better form is better (and safer) than heavier weights.


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