Comedy Central cancels Futurama


Bad news everyone, Futurama is canceled again. After 7 seasons and 4 movies the Planet Express crew will make their final delivery on September 4th.

Futurama has had a rocky run as a tv show. Originally  aired  in 1999 on  Fox for it’s first 4 seasons was cancelled in 2003. However the show’s popularity skyrocketed after wards, due to Adult Swim airing reruns and the made for dvd movies. This fan support ultimately convinced Comedy Central to renewed the show in 2010.  Comedy Central renewed the show for 2 seasons. Futurama’s last season  will begin on June 19th at 10 P.M.

The producers of the show say they are trying to see if anyone would like to pick up the show for a second victory lap. Who knows maybe fan support will keep this show alive yet again?


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