UK Preparing for Dining Proposals

UK Dining Services is steadily moving forward with revitalization. According to UKnow, the University will receive notice from offerors on who will attend the pre-poposal conference on May 11.  The University decided last fall to revamp the dining offerings as a way to cut costs and add additional dining choices on campus. Aramark, an institutional supplier, has been mentioned as a possible take-over agent for UK Dining management. Robert Mock, vice president for student affairs said in a document, “In relation to Kentucky Proud products, we would like to keep that relationship because we have had it for so many years, but no contract has been drawn with a vendor yet…We will decide what is best for UK.” UK could also partner with companies such as Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Pizza Hut and Qdoba Mexican Grill, according to the contents of a survey sent out to the university community.

UK implemented a Kentucky Proud purchasing program in 2007. In 2007, the purchases totaled $150,000 by 2012 it had reached $800,00. This is money that directly returns to the local community that might be spent elsewhere when the dining services are revamped. According to a Kernel article published in February “Western Kentucky University, Transylvania University and Texas A&M have outsourced their dining services. Outsourcing had a positive impact on revenue at WKU, said Gary Meszaros, assistant vice president of auxiliary services at WKU. WKU has been outsourced to Aramark since 1992, Meszaros said. “

In 2006,Yale University hired Aramark. Apparently, cost-cutting should not be the only criteria fo a revamp of dining services. since according to the Yale Daily News, “Under the terms of Yale’s contract with Aramark ­— a copy of which was obtained by the News — large incentives to control costs were built into the partnership from its early stages, foreshadowing current concerns among staff and union officials that fiscal pressures are compromising quality of service. But the relationship failed to live up to expectations, administration officials acknowledged this week, ultimately necessitating a radical policy shift and an economic opportunity for sustainable food to become a part of life at Yale.”


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