UK Nursing Student Saves Father

kraemer_1Anna Kraemer,  a 20-year-old second semester nursing student at the University of Kentucky, was put to the test early when her father started experiencing chest pains.   On Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Anna’s father, Philipp was working on some woodwork, when he kept coming inside complaining about indigestion and a funny feeling in his arm.   Thinking it was just from working out too hard the day before he tried to shake it off, but eventually had his daughter checked his vitals.  This is when Anna got anxious and felt a sense of urgency, believing that all is symptoms he was experienceing lead to heart attacks.

This is when Anna decided to drive her father to the hospital since the family lives close to UK Chandler Hospital.  When she was backing out of the driveway, thing escalated.  Philipp started gasping for air, panicking, Anna eventually grabbing neighbor John Reynolds who raced them to the UK Emergency Department (ED).   When they arrived, Anna grabbed the unconscious body out of the car and began CPR as she waiting for the ED team to arrive.  When the team arrived, they immediately went into action

Anna’s mother, Beth Kraemer said that despite the flurry of activity in the ED, everything seemed well orchestrated and the nurses and doctors provided extraordinary care.

“Every person in the ED has an integral role – nurses, physicians, paramedics, techs, and clerks,” Patricia Howard, operations manager of Emergency Services at UK Chandler Hospital said.  “We want every patient to have a good outcome”

Although Philipp was healthy and active, he ended up having  90 percent blockage in the main artery which provides blood to the heart, in which they placed a stent to clear the blockage and is now making a healthy recovery.

Beth said, “Anna was a rock during this whole experience, she talked with Phil while he was unconscious, joking with him and patting his arm. Even the nurses and technicians talked with him: ‘I need to draw blood now. You’re going to feel a stick,’ which was in some ways comforting to me.”


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