Food for Thought: New food truck serves up convenience

Twisted, the new food truck on campus served students in between Chem-Phys and Funkhouser last Thursday.
Twisted, the new food truck on campus, served students in between Chem-Phys and Funkhouser last Thursday.

You may have seen it on campus. Large, multi-colored, complete with a pop-out roof and yes- wheels. It’s Twisted, a food truck operated under the University of Kentucky Dining Services. The truck has been making its way around campus since mid-August, but students are still making their way to the new dining option. I had my first Twisted experience just this past week. Its foreign existence on campus is what drew me in, and once I realized it was the new university food truck, I decided to give it a chance. And when I realized they were selling Greek food, there really was no turning back.

Twisted rotates four menus: Greek food, Asian tacos, sliders and an Asian noodle bar. There wasn’t a lot to choose from on the Greek menu, but enough to give you options. I chose a falafel gyro and I also had my choice of adding pita chips or even a drink, limited to water, coke or Powerade.

For payment the food truck accepts cash, Flex Dollars and Plus Account. When I asked them if they accepted credit card as well, half of the staff said yes and half said no, but eventually they let me use mine to pay, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. But don’t worry if you don’t carry a lot of money while walking on campus, the Twisted food truck is generously priced, with gyros running under $3 and drinks at $1.50.

However, the portion size does reflect the cost, so if you’re actually fairly hungry you may want to buy more than just one item. But if you do, you probably won’t find it as a waste of money. Twisted may be mobile, but the food is just as good of a quality you would find in a dining hall on campus. While my gyro may not have been the most authentic I’ve ever had, the flavor was still there. They’re fast, too. My food was ready for me within just a couple of minutes.

Perhaps the best thing about the new Twisted food truck, though, is that it’s convenient. We don’t always have time to go all the way to the Student Center or want to travel all the way back home just to eat before our next class or meeting. The food truck fills that gap and better yet, fills your stomach.

Twisted posts current locations, times and menus on their twitter, @ukyTWISTED.


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