About 600 jars of peanut butter collected for the children of Haiti

World Hunger Day, peanut butter drive for Haiti
Julia Goodin, biology senior, collects peanut butter to benefit the children of Haiti on World Food Day.

How can jars of peanut butter benefit the children of Haiti?

Julia Goodin, biology senior at the University of Kentucky,  spent eight days on a mission trip in Haiti last summer and says two tablespoons of peanut butter per day offers enough protein for the children of Haiti to ward off protein deficiency, and one jar of peanut butter can last one month.

While in Haiti, Goodin noticed the children’s skin color was “brassy” and discovered this skin color was caused by a lack of protein.

Because peanut butter is such a great source of protein and is affordable to college students, she  decided to further her mission and host a peanut butter drive at UK on World Food Day.

Goodin estimates she, along with her sponsor, UK’s Dietetic and Nutrition Association ,collected 600 jars of peanut butter today along with cash donations which will be used to buy more peanut butter.

The peanut butter will ship via the United States Military who ships supplies and food at no cost for Children’s Lifeline, the organization Goodin traveled to Haiti with, according to Goodin.


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