When music exceeds the hype

Image When music exceeds the hype? That’s exactly what happened with this album. The alternative/hardcore music scene saw one of its most anticipated album of the year hit the shelves of iTunes this month when A Day To Remember released their album Common Courtesy.

Common Courtesy is coming 3 years after their most recent and arguable most successful album, “What Separates Me From You”. After WSMFY came out, everyone turned their focus to what the next great creation from ADTR would be and from what the reviews charts have been saying, Common Courtesy doesn’t disappoint.

The album features the musical creations of lead vocalist, Jeremy McKinnon and the guys of ADTR as they travel the world performing as one of the biggest bands in the scene. As well as how hard it is to be traveling around the world for years on end without really getting a chance to be home.

With this release, the band has now released 5 studio albums, each becoming more real and more intense than the previous. This is probably the biggest attraction to their music is that they are 5 guys from a small town in Florida but have a unique sound and style to match. Coming from a small town in Florida, it’s impressive to see that they have played in every metal-fest in Europe, they have had more than one world tour and have no signs of stopping anytime soon.

This album features the hardcore style music with the pop/punk lyrics and vocals that have made ADTR so recognizable. It’s safe to say that the guys in A Day To Remember know exactly what they are doing and they have no plans on slowing down or stopping anytime soon. With that mentality, it’ll only be a matter of time before everyone knows about them.


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