Delay on crime notice sends students “a-twitter”


Sunday night, a male UK student was shot in the back by an intruder, in what’s now being called an attempted robbery. What we all now know is who the victim is, (22-year-old Ryan Jennings) why the intrusion occurred (drug-related) and that arrests have been made in relation to the drugs but the attacker is still on the loose. What many still don’t know, however, is why UK students and faculty weren’t notified of the incident until the next morning.

According to UK Police Chief Joe Monroe, the police department wasn’t told of the situation until hours later. Additionally, it is said that a UK Alert is only issued when an immediate threat is presented. However, UK Police did later issue a campus-wide safety alert.

That wasn’t enough for many UK students, though, who not only took their frustration to social media, but said that was the only way they knew about the shooting.

UK junior Julia Whalen tweeted, “There’s a gas leak on Euclid and I get 37 text alerts & 17 phone calls from UK. Someone gets shot in the face on Elizabeth? Nothing.”

UK junior Maged Saeed also spoke out on Twitter, saying, “#LexPDlogic Busting a house party on Elizabeth > finding a shooter on Elizabeth Street.”

UK student Brittany Laderer posted her thoughts on Facebook, saying, “UK failed to send an alert about this last night. Hopefully this situation is serious enough that they will start alerting students about more off campus crime, such as this one…”

And while many others shared these same feelings, the majority of students say mostly, they were just shocked.

“It was scary,” says senior nursing student Ashley McIntosh, “you just don’t expect that to happen here.”

McIntosh lives on Elizabeth Street, and says that for her and her roommates, the trip to class won’t be the same for a while.

The search continues for Jennings’ attacker and UK Police state in their safety alert to always take precautions on and off campus. No word has been made on how or if UK Police will be able to notify students sooner in similar, future crimes.


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