Wade is done talking trash with Durant


Recently there has been some preseason animosity between Dwayne Wade and Kevin Durant. It’s been a little playful but mostly serious. It all started weeks ago when Durant said, Wade did not deserve to be ranked in the top ten of NBA players currently playing by ESPN. Wade of course totally disagrees with Durant. The latest thing said by Durant on the subject was, it’s time for Wade to “pass the torch” to younger players. Wade has decided to take the high road and has responded saying, “I’m not talking about that. Recently Wade’s teammate, Lebron James was asked to speak on the comments being made back and forth between Wade and Durant. James responded similar to Wade’s most recent response, saying he would not speak on the subject. So for now the drama has died down. However the flame will be ignited again with the season under way at the end of the month and when the two teams meet in the regular season for the first time on January 29th 2014.


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