Allen Iverson Retires


Yesterday, Allen Iverson decided it was time to hang up the old Jersey and retire from basketball. At age 38, this is not the first time Iverson has retired, but I think we all know this will probably be the last. As Iverson has been playing overseas for the last couple of years, instead of the NBA. Iverson had a great career averaging 26.7 points per game, 6 assist and 2 steals per game over his fourteen yeas in the NBA. Unfortunately Iverson never won a championship and only reached the finals once to loose against the the Lakers 4-1. His team was the clear underdog against the defending in the 2000-2001 finals. The Lakers would three peat winning again the next year. But one thing Iverson can hold onto is tha Lebron James (who many consider to be the best NBA player currently) said, he’s pound for pound the best NBA player to ever play. Iverson said he would retire when he could no longer compete, the words from James ought to help him rest peacefully though


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