Eminem’s new album hits with a vengeance



13 years after the original “Marshall Mathers LP” was released, Eminem’s highly anticipated album “The Marshall Mathers LP 2” drops. The album is by far one of his most anticipated albums in years and potentially of his whole career.

In an interview with Billboard, Eminem stated that he wanted this album to “make people remember the first time they heard him.”  It’s safe to say that he did just that with the fast lyrical flow and his cynical attitude and often morbid joking.  Eminem takes some track samples from various other artist from other genres to really mix up the track listing. All of which he is able to throw together into a all around fantastic, hard-hitting album.

The album received a lot of hype when the single “Rap God” was released as a preview. Since coming out on October 14th, the song has over 23 million views.  According to iTunes, TMMLP2 is the number one album in the U.K. and Ireland as well as number 8 in the U.S.. It is currently the number one hip-hop album in the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Australia, Canada, Spain and New Zealand.

The album, I’m sure will continue to get praise as it helps to prove that Eminem is the rap god that he claims to be.


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