Rep. Andy Barr visits UK

Andy Barr speaks to UK political science students.
Andy Barr speaks to UK political science students.

Kentucky 6th District U.S. Representative Andy Barr addressed political science students about the challenges of being a congressman at the University of Kentucky Davis Marksbury Building.

Barr participated in a Q & A with students and reflected on his first year in Congress.

Political Science Department Chair Ernest Yanarella introduced Barr. He said that last year at this time he was going to call Barr and invite him to teach at UK, but got to give Barr a different call when he defeated incumbent Ben Chandler.

Barr said he still believes Congress can get things done and solve problems on a bipartisan basis.

He said his most disappointing surprises as a congressman were: the seriousness of the nations financial problems, the growth of the administrative state and how out of touch some politicians are.

A student questioned Barr about his “No” vote on ending the government shutdown and extend the debt ceiling.

“I wanted to end the shutdown,” Barr said. “But, no reform is not what I was elected for.”

andy pre
Andy Barr speaks to attendees prior to his speech at UK.

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