Miley Cyrus “Light’s Up” at EMA’s

mc12novAfter winning Best Video for “Wrecking Ball,” Miley Cyrus stepped on stage to thank her fans at the Europe Music Awards that took place in Amsterdam.  Instead of the usual “thank you” speech, she celebrated her win by whipping out a joint from her Chanel bag and lighting it up in front of the crowd.  The 20-year old was reportedly not the only person sparking up in the building that night, however she could be getting into a little bit of trouble for it.  MTV News investigated the story a bit more by reaching out to the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority spokesman, Benno Bruggink. He explains that,”the law stipulates that it is forbidden to smoke in places where smoking can be a nuisance to employees of, in this case, the Ziggo Dome,” he wrote in an email to MTV News. “The management of the Ziggo Dome is responsible for maintaining the smoking ban to protect its employees. Therefore we will contact the management of the Ziggo Dome, and not Miley Cyrus.”  At this time no one is pressing charges against Miley.


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