Utah Jazz last team to get first win of the season


Last night the Utah Jazz beat the visiting New Orleans Pelicans (formerly known as the New Orleans Hornets) 111-105. The Pelicans drop to 3-6 on the season and the Jazz improve to 1-8. Forward Anthony Davis of the Pelicans led both teams in scoring with 29 and 15 rebounds. Unfortunately for Davis and the Pelicans it was not enough to beat the Jazz who had three players score 20+. Guard Gordon Hayward led the Jazz in scoring with 27 points and 10 assists, while Ricard Jefferson chipped in 22 and Enes Kanter added another 21 points and 10 rebounds. The Jazz have a long way to go as the NBA season is 82 games unlike college that is 32. Therefore they still can turn around their season and make the playoffs, but it’s gonna take everything they have. Only 8 teams from the western conference will make the playoffs. With the western division being so competitive the Jazz will have to finish with a winning record. Don’t expect them to make the playoffs this year, as they are building their team around young players like Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter for the future not the present.


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