The NFL a Protective Mother?


The NFL is causing a stir… once again.  It seems like they are taking the game of football and making it into a joke.  Fans, players and retired players are outraged at a call from Sunday’s 49ers at Saints game.  Ahmad Brooks of the San Francisco 49ers had a hard hit on New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees’ blindside.   The play resulted in a Saints fumble and a 49ers fumble recovery.  Unfortunately, the play fumble was overturned by a roughing the passer call.  The penalty ultimately cost the 49ers the game and may have cost them a shot at the playoffs with the loss.  Former Ravens Linebacker Ray Lewis was outraged at the call.  It was a hard hit, but that is the game of football.  The roughing the passer penalty called did not violate any of the stipulations in Article 12 Section 13 of the NFL Rule Book.  Instead the call was made on Note one of Article 12 Section 13.  The note is as follows “If in doubt about a roughness call or potentially dangerous tactic on the quarterback, the Referee should call roughing the passer.”  Brooks tackle had no helmet to helmet contact and was not made in a vicious fashion.  Brooks tackled Brees right above the numbers and the follow through of his bicep caused Brees’ head to be jarred forward as his body went backwards.  Ultimately, Brooks was penalized for doing his job as a linebacker.  If every player is penalized for hard hits, it is taking away from the game.  Vicious hits, such a helmet to helmet or hits that are intended to injure a player, should be penalized.  Big hits should not.  The NFL is putting too much concern on babying players, with an emphasis on quarterbacks.  Safety is a key issue and should be the number once concern of all officials, players, owners and fan;  but, changing the game and making unnecessary calls, and potential fines, is changing the game.  Football players accept the responsibility and risks when they step onto the gridiron.  By doing so, they are accepting all responsibilities of the game.  If they cannot uphold their contract of playing pro football, they should step down.  As for now, Ahmad Brooks has not been fined for the hit in Sunday’s game.  Only time will tell if game changing calls will persist in the game of football, or will Mother NFL keep spoon feeding her players.




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