Bryant scores 20 in second game back


Last night the Los Angels Lakers lost to the visiting Phoenix Suns 114-108. Guard Gordon Dragic of the Suns led both teams in scoring with 31 points he also added 5 assists. The Lakers battled back from double digits multiple times. But they ran out of fuel in the end. The bigger story is Kobe Brant, star guard for the Lakers, led his team with 20 points. This was Bryant’s second game back in eight months since tearing his Achilles in April . After the way he played the first game going 2 for 9 from the floor, scoring 9 points, 8 turnovers and 8 rebounds, fans were concerned if he could make a full recovery. Well it might take a little while for him to get back in rhythm, it looks like Bryant will return to his natural scoring threat. He will more than likely be averaging 20 or more points before we know it. When Bryant scores 20 it puts the Lakers in good place to win. They are now 10-11, but with their star back, look for them to sneak into the playoffs. Don’t sleep on the Lakers, Bryant is getting better with every game.



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