Cats are Number 1 in Kentucky for Studying Abroad


The University of Kentucky currently has more than students taking part in Education Abroad programs than any other college in the state of Kentucky. The 213 Open Doors Report revealed that UK sent 845 students abroad in the ’11-’12 academic year. The same report stated that UK also enrolls more international students than any other college in the state, and according to UKNOW, this is a lead that UK has maintained for many years.

“Traditional Education Abroad was associated with a small number of disciplines and focused towards people who were planning to work across borders, but today all professionals work across borders,” said Anthony Ogden, director of Education Abroad & Exchanges.

Education Abroad has also intensified the diversity of its portfolio through five experience types that students can now choose from. These five programs include study abroad, research abroad, intern abroad, teach abroad, and service learning abroad.

“If all families and students, whether at UK or University of Louisville, hear the same message, that international education is important, that international knowledge and expertise is important, then we will be successful,” said Ogden.

UK encourages all of its students to learn more about the multitude of ways that they can travel abroad to learn.  UK also has invested into financial assistance for students to make their trip a more realistic goal.



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