Hidden Lexington: Car-Go Collection

car go

Most car washes automatically wash your car and you’re on your way.  Clean Sweep Car Wash takes your car wash experience to a whole new level.  The car wash will wash your car and hand dry it.  You can also get any detailing done that is needed.  But, what is there to do while you wait? Usually there is a lobby with mediocre coffee, a small television and old magazines, but not at Clean Sweep.  Car- Go Collections is in middle of the car wash.  They offer a vast array of homemade crafts and boutique style goods.  They also offer services for their customers too.  One example is a lamp making service.  A customer can bring in an empty alcohol bottle and they’ll send it to a local dealer to transform the bottle into a lamp.  Car-go also carries a large variety of UK gear.  Items include: clothing, jewelry, car accessories, kitchen supplies and more.  Car- go is a key spot to get a quality gift for a loved one.  The boutique, though  hidden within the car wash, is one of Lexington’s top hidden secrets.  


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