Hidden Lexington: A Cup of Common Wealth


Community, culture and service. Short and sweet, but according to their website, those are the three values embraced by A Cup of Common Wealth. And they’re not just saying that.

The coffee shop is tucked away on Eastern Avenue, right off of Main Street in downtown Lexington. The exterior is basic: a black awning with the name of the store scrolled across it in white, a couple of white logos plastered along the glass windows enclosing the shop. You won’t feel the warmth A Cup of Commonwealth has to offer until you walk inside.

While you may very well be satisfied with your coffee from Starbucks, A Cup of Common Wealth aims to make your experience different; and make it great. They commit to their value of community in all that they do, down to every single creation they make, but they also show it in larger ways. They have a “Pay it Forward Board”, where you can buy a drink for a future person to come through the shop. You can set a specific drink for a specific person, or you can make it for anyone. They also gave out free drinks to students studying for finals this past week.

But along with the sense of community, A Cup of Common Wealth pays attention to their service. And more importantly, their coffee. Their menu gives your just enough choices to find something you like, but not too many where you’re overwhelmed and telling the next person in line to go ahead because you’re still making up your mind. They keep it simple, allowing for their staff to pay close attention to each and every hand-crafted drink.

It may not be the closest coffee shop to campus, but you really can’t find the same environment anywhere else. You can hear about all of the great things going on at Cup of Common Wealth (as well as future plans they have for the shop!) by following them on Twitter @CupCommonWealth. Or you can do it the old fashioned way, and my personal preferred way: check it out for yourself.


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