Hidden Lexington: Stella’s Deli


While tens of thousands flock to Rupp Arena every week to watch the Kentucky Wildcats feast on opponents, a significantly smaller number are aware of a delicious feast awaiting them at Stella’s Deli, just steps away on Jefferson Street.

Stella’s is a small restaurant, tucked away in a historic building, that specializes in using local ingredients to make delicious food.

The atmosphere is inviting. Classic rock and oldies hits are playing on the speakers behind the hand carved bar. You can either sidle up and sit on a stool or grab a table. The place looks like it could be a malt shop from the ’50s, with its ornate ceiling and classic cooler full of pies. They even have a pay phone outside the restrooms. Who knew those existed anymore?


During lunch, Stella’s offers a range of soup, salad and sandwich options, all using Kentucky Proud ingredients from surrounding areas.

The same is true for the dinner menu, where some of the sandwich choices are retained, along with more upscale fare, like steaks, pork chops and pasta. But don’t expect to empty your wallet — the dinner entrees range from just $10.95 to $15.95.

Stella’s also offers cocktails, as well as a wide offering of bourbon, beer and wine. You should also try one of their housemade sodas. And during the warmer months, their patio area is perfect for outdoor dining.

You can check out their website here, where their full menu is posted, or just pop in and grab a bite. You’ll be glad you did.


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