Hidden Lexington: Arcadium


Arcadium is a typical neighborhood bar in many ways. It has local craft beer, the usual crowd discussing topics like the night’s lottery jackpot and the Cincinnati Bearcats playing the Pittsburgh Panthers on the TV’s.

But Arcadium is not typical, because this bar has a collection of vintage arcade games.

“It’s a really solid idea,” owner Sean Taylor said. “It gets people out of their box.

Taylor said he got the idea from his friends that own a similar bar in Brooklyn named Barcade. “We thought: let’s do something like that here.”

Arcadium was named one of the Top 55 bourbon bars in the United States by the Bourbon Review.


“We’ve got lots of random beers,” Taylor said. “If you’re waiting around for your friends, you’re able to play an arcade game instead of just sitting there.


The bar on North Limestone catches you attention from the get-go with the large mural painted on the side of the building.

“It was done by German graffiti artists called Herakut who were promoting a children’s book,” Taylor said. “They chose the wall before we signed our lease.”

Taylor said that he wanted something with a mature theme on the wall, so it would not be deceiving.

He is happy with the finished product that reads: It was a beautiful moment when the bitter giant woke up to see where dreams come from.

“It’s really cool and ominous,” Taylor said.

Also catching people’s eye this year was the Before I die… wall, which gave people the chance to write in chalk what they hoped to do before they died.

Arcadium just celebrated its one year anniversary and has struck a nostalgic chord with its patrons.

“Can you get a Bud Light here? No,” Taylor said. “It’s baby steps to accept change.”


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