10 Ways to Get Ready for a Trip to India


1- Be ready to spend a solid two months in your attempt for an Indian visa

-From website crashes to bureaucracy red tape to postage costs, this will be the most annoying process of your life.

2- India is BYOTP (Bring your own toilet paper)

-Let’s just say plumbing systems in rural India are different from those in the United States.

3- Prepare a mobile pharmacy.

-From preventative malaria medication to probiotics for your digestive track to melatonin supplements for the plane ride, you’re going to need quite the collection of pills.

4- Exchange your cash before actually getting to India

-Because there is nothing worse than worrying about terrible exchange rates and finding legitimate institutions that will give you rupies for your dollars.

5- Pack for the heat

-At any time of the year, India is sweltering, so don’t forget the deodorant and the flowy fabrics.

6- Melatonin will be your best friend.

-When you’re traveling for about 30 straight hours and dealing with a 10+ hour time difference, you’re going to want something that helps you sleep when you have the chance.

7- Speaking of sleep, do as little of it as possible.

-If you’re going to India, how many other times do you really expect to go there again? Enjoy it while you can and soak up every moment.

8- Don’t forget a phone plan.

-Once you start racking up $5-a-minute charges, you’re going to wish you had gotten an international plan.

9- For the love of all things material, contact your bank before you depart.

-You’re going to want to buy things, so be sure and tell your bank you’re traveling overseas so they don’t think you’re a criminal and cancel your credit cards.

10- Be ready for anything.

-India is a conglomeration of all kinds of religions, foods, ethnicities and experiences. Don’t come in with a closed mind.


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