12 Ways To Make Your Roommates Regret Asking You To Live With Them

Here’s what not to do if you want to survive living with other humans.
1. Eat crunchy food (or any food) with your mouth open while your roommates are watching the bachelor and desperately trying to understand Juan Pablo’s accent
2. Throw pots, pans and dishes around in the kitchen as if you were trying to scare off a bear
3. Talk about your spring break diet- or any diet- while your roommates are devouring Big Macs and fries
4. Brag about how great your workout was while your roommates are laying on the couch and drinking high caloric beer
5. Leave one square of toilet paper on the roll because you think it is an adequate amount for your roommates next trip to the loo
6. Having your friends (who are as rowdy as the cast of jersey shore) over for a ‘wine night’ on a Tuesday night when your roommates have 8am classes on Wednesday
7. Filling up the shared DVR with HD shows when you don’t even have an HD TV
8. Not turning on any of the house or porch lights at night so when your roommates come home they feel like they are entering The Chamber of Secrets
9. Borrowing their clothes without telling them and then posting pictures in those clothes on all your social media channels
10. Not bothering to try to have quiet sexual adventures while your roommates, who think they hear a knocking noise, turn down their TVs to listen closer only to realize that it is you being pleasured in the next room
11. Not buying any communal household goods, or not cleaning up after you have your previously mentioned ‘wine night’, making your roommates feel like they are the hired help
12. Loudly creating listicles late on a school night with one of your roommates while your other roommates suffer from FOMOgirls

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