14 ways to prepare yourself for being a female in sports media

14 ways to prepare yourself for being a female in sports media 

1. Learn how to box out 
Break out your low block basketball skills because when it comes to crowded player interviews, you will have to box out to get your recorder close enough to the player.
2. Choose your wardrobe carefully
Sports media is a male dominated industry. Females automatically stick out like a sore thumb. You have to carefully choose what you wear because if it’s anything bold, it will bring unwanted attention.
3. Lie about having a boyfriend
You will get creeped on and hit on by old men. The easiest solution is to drop “oh, I have a boyfriend” and walk away. Or wear a fake wedding ring.
4. Don’t wear heels 
In sports media, you will be forced to run up and down stairs, run after a player or coach or even run away from a creepy mascot. Heels are just not a good option, unless you want your feet hurting for the following three days.
5. Avoid mascots 
Speaking of creepy mascots, they will harass you, stalk you, etc. Avoid them at all costs. Just trust me.
6. Know your sports
People will assume you know nothing about players, teams, recruiting, stats, positions, etc. Prove them wrong.
7. Always be on your toes 
If you’re short like me, your head will be at the perfect height to get nailed in the head with a camera during player interviews. Don’t let that happen.
8. Prepare to outwork everyone 
To be respected in the world of sports media, you have to earn your keep. This applies for everyone but especially if you’re a female. Be prepared to work really, really, really hard and find satisfaction in your own success because nothing will be sugar coated.
9. Watch out for flying objects 
It’s sports. No explanation needed.
10. Get ready to listen to crude jokes 
The old media men have terrible jokes. Like really terrible. There isn’t a filter in the media room and you will hear things you wish you never had.
11. You will be judged on appearance 
Your weight, hair color, makeup, outfit, everything is scrutinized when it comes to your appearance. It’s important to have thick skin in this business because you will be criticized and judged on everything.
12. Understand there is no such thing as personal space 
When everyone is crowded around a player for interviews, personal space doesn’t exist. Reporters will “accidentally” hit your face, butt, etc. But you have to force your recorder through the traffic jam to get what you need.
13. Be assertive 
If you have a question to ask during a coach’s press conference or during player interviews, stand your ground and yell over other reporters to get it out. There’s no “inside voice” when it comes to interviews in a swarm of reporters and videographers. It’s your job to report on a game or press conference so be assertive to get it done.
14. Don’t go gaga over athletes
Don’t be that girl. Just don’t do it.

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